Hanford Drewitt Clothing Store
Exterior: tile facade, Doucet, Emily G. and Algie, Susan. Broadway Modern. Winnipeg: Winnipeg Architecture Foundation, 2012. Arch/FA Quick Reference NA 747 W5 W4 no. 1, 2012
IKOY Office
Exterior: general view, "Workplaces that Work: a factory for making architecture." Architecture Minnesota 8, no. 1 (March 1982): 40-45., "Not just another Glass Box: IKOY Office Building, Winnipeg, Manitoba; IKOY Architects." Architectural Record 171, no. 4 (April 1983): 146-149., "Architects' Office, Winnipeg; Architects: IKOY Partnership." Architectural Review 167, no. 999 (May 1980): 318., Thompson, W.P. Winnipeg Architecture. Winnipeg: Queenston House, 1982. Arch/FA Quick Reference NA 747 W5 T5 1982 Arch/FA Main Stacks
Wellington Arms
Exterior: general view