Photograph - Dingwall Trophy Winners for Intercollegiate Debating
A photograph of the 1921-1922 Manitoba Agricultural College winners of the Dingwall Trophy for intercollegiate debating. The mounted image shows seven students gathered around a trophy. Attached captions read: ///////"I think the missing name is W. G. Will. - J. G. Fletcher. M. A. C. - Winners of Dingwall Trophy, Intercollegiate Debating 1921-22. Back Row: ----------- J. G. Fletcher, F. D. Bradbrooke. L. Hancock. Centre, with cup: J. S. McGowan. Front Row: A. R. Purchase, L. Archibald.///////" Photographer///////'s stamp reads: ///////"Robson, Winnipeg.///////", Luna Collection ID - 107::UMANITOBALCM::NA, Luna Object ID - 354133, Luna Image ID - 157997