Photograph - Yearbook Page showing Commerce Student Council
A photograph of a section of page 115 of the 1965 University of Manitoba yearbook, showing the Commerce student council. Caption describing seating arrangement is included, although one person in the image is not labelled. People in photograph are: Walter Kleinschmit, Ross Maddin, Jeanne Latournerie, Beverly Mann, Susan Glass, Frank Lenz, Len Vopnfjord, Brock Mason, Charles Ruddick, Dave Knight, Brian Johnson, Carol Barritt, Andrew Dawson. The following are listed as missing: Bill Can[n]on, Ray Gregg, Ken Bancroft, Gord Phillips, Jim McMath, and Fred Beech., Luna Collection ID - 107::UMANITOBALCM::NA, Luna Object ID - 429128, Luna Image ID - 158459