Photograph - Fletcher Argue and Other Conference Attendees in Saskatoon
A photograph of people that attended at the F. C. M. Conference that took place in Saskatoon from 26 December 1925 to 2 January 1926. Photograph taken by Steele of Saskatoon. Meaning of F. C. M. abbreviation unclear, possibly meant to be S. C. M. for Student Christian Movement. Photograph is broken apart in the middle of the image. Notes on image read: //////////////"Fletcher Argue. Western F. C. M. Conference. Saskatoon. Dec. 26th 1925 to Jan. 2nd 1926. Steele, Saskatoon.//////////////" People identified in the image include Fletcher Argue, Locksley McNeill, Harry Arson, Helen Nichol, Harold Bruce, Mr. Clark, Mrs. McDonnell, Sandy Nicholson, Dave Turnbull, Fran R. Peto, Harriet Sharpe, Ruth Herriott, Mary Doupe, Beth Osborne, Eileen McGill, Eleanor Black, and Dot Trigley., Luna Collection ID - 107::UMANITOBALCM::NA, Luna Object ID - 357073, Luna Image ID - 158029