Louis Riel, 1858
A photograph of Louis Riel, age 14. This black-and-white portrait was taken in Montréal in 1858 and depicts Riel as a student at the Petit Séminaire at the Collège de Montréal; it is the earliest known photograph of Riel.
Louis Riel, circa 1870
A photograph of Louis Riel, taken circa 1870. This black-and-white carte-de-visite was made by I. Bennetto & Co. of Winnipeg. This photograph is believed to be the model for an engraving of Riel used in the Canadian Illustrated News.
Painting of Louis Riel
An albumen print of a painting of Louis Riel. The print was made in 1886, in order to dispel confusion about what Riel had looked like. The authenticity of the print was verified by Julie Riel, Joseph Riel, Alexandre Riel, Marguerite Riel, Octavie Lavallée, and Henriette Poitras in St. Vital on 12 January 1886; John Lee verified the authenticity of the portrait at Montréal on 24 February 1886.
Signed photograph of Louis Riel, c. 1878
An albumen portrait of Louis Riel taken in Keesville [Keeseville], New York by the photographer Baldwin, following Riel's release from the Beauport, Québec asylum. The bottom of the portrait was signed by Riel. The photograph was likely taken in early 1878.