Local Histories
This collection will become more complete as other local history books are digitized. In the collection books can be searched by both the current and former municipality names, since several municipalities amalgamated in 2015 and the majority of the collection is about the former municipalities, not the current ones. To donate books to the collection, please contact info@manitobia.ca
Although the distance across from the Lake of the Woods to Red River is but ninety miles, the country undergoes a complete change. Instead of the lakes with their woody islets, the clear running streams and foaming rapids, and the swelling hills covered with forests of pine, an undeviating flat spreads out every where, vast prairies, open up where the eye looks in vain for some prominent point to rest upon, and the rivers, richly bordered with trees of another kind, flow with a sluggish course through the alluvial plain. S. J Dawson, "Report on the exploration of the country between Lake Superior and the Red River Settlement, and between the latter place and the Assiniboine and Saskatchewan" 1859
"William Buckingham and William Coldwell, two young newspaper men on their way to the Settlement to start our first newspaper, the NorWester... brought a printing press, type, paper and ink, experience as reporters and printers, a stock of books for sale, high hopes, and definite convictions about what the future of the Settlement should be." -- Aileen Garland, The Nor'Wester and the Men Who Established It MHS Transactions Series 3, 1959-60 season
Here, I encountered a new way of looking at things: individual initiative could be accepted as a contribution to the generalized good. Jean Monnet, French statesman and founder of the European Economic Community, as an eighteen-year-old salesman traveling in Winnipeg and Calgary in 1906, Memoirs (1978), translated by Richard Mayne.
Some of Canada's provinces were acquired by adoption. On others the status was conferred after a rigorously supervised apprenticeship. Manitoba was simply conjured into being. F.A. Milligan. Historical and Scientific Soc. of Man., Transactions. Ser. III, No. 5, 1950, 5.