Brandon Sun Weekly
The Brandon Sun Weekly began publication on January 19, 1882, when the city of Brandon was hardly more than a collection of tents. Nevertheless, the newspaper did well and continued until July 1, 1897. Soon after a new daily Sun was established and is still published today.
Courrier du Nord-Ouest
This short-lived weekly newspaper (May to December 1888) was founded in St. Boniface by James Prendergast, Provincial Secretary in the newly-formed Liberal government under Thomas Greenway. The editor was former M.P. for Ste. Agathe, Ernest Cyr. Its publication was in response to a need for a French language political newspaper for the provincial Liberal party. The newspaper could not gain the support of the staunchly Conservative population of St. Boniface, and disappeared following Cyr’s defeat in the provincial election in June 1888.
Czas (The Times)
Czas is the oldest Polish language newspaper weekly in Canada. It was established in Winnipeg in the fall of 1914, and first published by a local Canadian firm owned and operated by the well—known Czech immigrant, Franciszek Dojacek. From its beginnings, Czas ensured that its Polish roots and content remained intact, as it was closely connected with members of the Polish Gymnastic Association, Sokol. It was through Sokol’s perseverance and guidance that facilitated the creation of the newspaper. For nearly a century it has remained an invaluable resource of information to the Polish community in Canada -- informing new immigrants of local and international events, and assisting them with the new challenges and adjustments they faced in their new country. Through the years, Czas has provided a nonpartisan link between Polish-Canadians, and Polish communities beyond Canada’s borders, -- allowing for the free dissemination of information about their ancestral home. In 2005, the newspaper relocated to Toronto, and merged with another Polish newspaper, Związkowiec (The Alliance), to form Czas-Związkowiec. In the Fall of 2003 the executive board of Czas – Polish Press Ltd., agreed to find a permanent home for their collection of bound newspapers. The Board approached the U of M Archives & Special Collections to house this unique and historical collection of Polish-Canadiana. On January 2004 the executive board of Czas officially transferred the Czas newspaper collection from Czas – Polish Press Ltd., to the University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections.
Daily Nor'Wester
The Daily Nor'Wester was published six times a week (except Sundays) from February 3, 1894 to June 8, 1898. Prospectus Dec. 29, 1893. It was started by W.F. Luxton, the founder of the Manitoba Free Press. Luxton sold the Daily Nor'Wester in 1896 and under new ownership, morning and evening editions were published from January 2, 1897 to June 8, 1898. It was continued as the Morning Telegram on June 9, 1898.
The Manitoban
The Manitoban began publication in 1914 as the official newspaper for University of Manitoba students. It has a variable publication schedule, but in general has been published weekly during the school year and sporadically over the summer. It was formerly published by the University of Manitoba Students' Union, but latterly has been published by the Manitoban Newspaper Publications Corporation, an independent organization.
The Winnipeg Tribune
The Winnipeg Tribune, one of western Canada's oldest newspapers, ran from 1890 to 1980. The Tribune was a rival to the Winnipeg Free Press. While it had excellent coverage of local events and personalities, it also reported on national and international news.