Group I, #3 - Knotted Mass
A photograph of the medium, Mary Marshall, with a knotted teleplasmic mass attached to her cheek during a seance at the home of Dr. Thomas Glendenning Hamilton on August 15, 1928. Other participants in this seance were W.B. Cooper, who was controlling Ms. Marshall's hand, Elizabeth Poole, Mrs. T.B. McMillan (Lillian Hamilton's sister), Lillian Hamilton, and Dr. J.A. Hamilton, who was controlling Ms. Marshall's other hand. The camera used to take this photograph was equipped with the highest-speed flash-powder, an 800 watt bulb, and a shutter speed of 1/100 seconds., Luna Collection ID - 28::UMANITOBALCM::NA, Luna Object ID - 83522, Luna Image ID - 119549