An Absence of Glee - University of Manitoba Alumni Journal, Spring 1973
An article, with photographs, published in the University of Manitoba’s Alumni Journal Spring 1973 issue. The article was submitted by former University of Manitoba student and Glee Club member Jock Abra. Abra reflects on the history and decline of the University of Manitoba’s Glee Club, specifically his experiences auditioning, rehearsing, performing, and socializing with the Glee Club in the early 1960s.
Glee Club Shows - University of Manitoba Alumni Journal, Autumn 1971
An article published in the University of Manitoba’s Alumni Journal Autumn 1971 issue, which lists the annual performances of the University’s Glee Club from 1928 to 1971. The piece discusses the club's shift away from Gilbert and Sullivan, which characterized their early years, and towards Broadway productions.
Principal actors from "Patience"
A photograph of the principal actors from a University of Manitoba theatre production of "Patience" in 1930, likely performed by the University of Manitoba Glee Club. Eleven unidentified actors are visible in costume. Annotation refers to Edith Sinclair.
The University of Manitoba Glee Club Scrapbook
A University of Manitoba Glee Club scrapbook containing theatre programs, newspaper clippings and photographs of operatic productions performed between 1929 and 1941. The productions included in the scrapbook are as follows: "The Gondoliers" as performed in 1929, 1933 and 1938; "Patience" in 1930; "Princess Ida" in 1931; "The Mikado" in 1934 and 1941; "Ruddigore" in 1936; "Utopia Limited" in 1937; "Iolanthe" in 1939; "H.M.S. Pinafore" in 1940. Also included is an advertisement about two plays presented by the Glee Club: "Chelkash" and "The Man Who Wouldn't Go To Heven", both in 1933. The productions were performed at The Gordon Bell School Auditorium, The Playhouse, The Concert Hall Auditorium and the Civic Auitorium. The shows were directed by various directors, including Claude Sinclair, Edith Sinclair, Winona Lightcap and Ronald Gibson. The theatre programs contain advertisements from local business throughout.