Executive of the University of Manitoba Dramatic Society, 1916-1917
A photograph of the 1916-1917 incarnation of the executive of the University of Manitoba Dramatic Society. From left to right, they are as follows. Back row: Clifford Buckingham, Carl Gryte, Thomas Wilfred Hinch, A. Knott, L. Ham, and Fred Driscoll. Third row: John Abel, Samuel Helman, Dorothy Colcleugh, Merle Norseworthy, Jean Thexton, Cora Travis, John Edwards, and James Berg. Second row: A. Rosevear, Lillian McCoulough, Alexander Crawford, Mrs. C. P. Walker, James A. MacLean, Jacob Heinzelman, and G. A. Lauman. Front row: Harold Eric Carey, Mabel Jones Smith, and Clifford Dick.