Photograph - Manitoba Agricultural College household science students, 1910
A photograph of the students and faculty in household science at the Manitoba Agricultural College in 1910: J. Henrickson; Harriet White; Freda Zinkman; Ellen Thomson; G. Einarson; Eliza Einarson; E. M. Ewens; Maud McDonald, instructor in foods, cookery, and laundry; Sadie Campbell; Mary Harrison; A. B. Juniper, principal and professor of household science; Lilian Fullard; Margaret Kennedy, instructor in sewing, dressmaking, and millinery; M. Jamieson; Agnes MacPherson; A. C. Townley; Freda Peterson; E. Jones; Ethel Playfair; Eva Donley; M. McLean; Evelyn Briercliffe; and Ethel Bissett. Roblin Hall on the MAC Tuxedo campus is also pictured., Luna Collection ID - 109::UMANITOBALCM::NA, Luna Object ID - 428292, Luna Image ID - 155843