Photograph - Manitoba Agricultural College intercollegiate YMCA group, circa 1923
A photograph of the intercollegiate Young Men's Christian Association group at the Manitoba Agricultural College circa 1923: P. Warkentin, A. Duncan, E. Gray, Francis Bradbrooke, Joseph McCowan, Malcolm McPhail, G. McGregor, Ruby Crealock, E. B. Partridge, Ella Brown, Sara Fargey, M. McGregor, A. Townsend, Meta Lee, Evelyn Scott, M. Murray, Clara Lyon, R. H. Christian, M. Leslie, Robert Wilson, F. McCharles, Duffy Guild, Euphemia McPhail, Sadie Robson, Reginald Horton, and Hettie Lyon. A typed label is attached and reads "Contributed by: Reg. J. Horton, BSA '24 Winnipeg"., Luna Collection ID - 109::UMANITOBALCM::NA, Luna Object ID - 434827, Luna Image ID - 153756
Photograph - Manitoba Agricultural College student executive, 1920-1921
A photograph of the 1920-1921 student executive at the Manitoba Agricultural College: Roy Hopper, Robert Wilson, John Crawford, John Norquay, Ted Townsend, Reginald Hall, M. Brigham, Cornelius Prodan, G. H. Harris, Emma Moorhead, Ella Stewart, Margaret Reid, William Parker, Ella Brown, Marion Langdon, Lillian Archibald, E. Poole, Ethel Atkinson, Laurie Sproule, and Jessie McQueen. A label is attached and reads "Contributed by: Mrs. F. C. Bell, 105 Lanark St., Wpg. (formerly Mrs. J. E. Crawford, BSA '23)"., Luna Collection ID - 109::UMANITOBALCM::NA, Luna Object ID - 419290, Luna Image ID - 153799