Photograph - Manitoba Agricultural College Gazette staff, 1912-1913
A photograph of the Manitoba Agricultural College Gazette staff for the 1912-1913 school year: William Betts, circulating manager, class of 1916; John Rayner, sub-editor, class of 1913; George Ewart, sub-editor, class of 1914; James Brown, assistant circulation manager, class of 1915; Hugh McIntyre, class of 1915; George Jones, livestock reporter, class of 1913; Arthur Olive, local reporter, class of 1914; John Smith, agricultural engineering reporter, class of 1913; Emerson Ramsay, societies reporter, class of 1915; Arthur Judson, dairying reporter, class of 1916; James Irwin, old boys reporter, class of 1915; Lester Robson, agriculture reporter, class of 1915; Charles Richardson, athletics reporter, class of 1915; E. Bastin, home economics reporter; C. R. Hopper, managing director; Ernest Trott, editor-in-chief, class of 1914; N. McFadden, assistant home economics reporter; and Thomas Coltart, horticulture reporter, class of 1921., Luna Collection ID - 109::UMANITOBALCM::NA, Luna Object ID - 419453, Luna Image ID - 155846
Photograph - Manitoba Agricultural College staff and students, 1912
A photograph of the students and staff of the Manitoba Agricultural College in 1912., Luna Collection ID - 109::UMANITOBALCM::NA, Luna Object ID - 429314, Luna Image ID - 155844