Photograph - Manitoba Agricultural College short course engineers, 1920
A photograph of students enrolled in an engineering short course at the Manitoba Agricultural College in 1924: L. J. Perry, H. E. White, D. Tompkins, F. T. Tayhurst, W. Hoersch, J. H. Maduke, D. L. McLeod, W. Breton, W. Cliff, A. N. Mustard, W. Forrester, W. C. Howey, S. Brishic, C. Shields, A. H. Ashdown, F. Randall, H. C. Whitemore, Joe Stambuski, A. H. Davies, J. Hallama, G. F. Palmer, W. H. Davidson, J. W. Radcliffe, H. L. Hart, W. F. Roper, L. Stambuski, N. cameron, and W. A. Steele. Also pictured are professors L. Hutchison, Robert Watt, Harry Robson, George Sproule, John Bracken (college president), Graham Shanks, Charles Lee, and Robinson Mitchell., Luna Collection ID - 109::UMANITOBALCM::NA, Luna Object ID - 439079, Luna Image ID - 153619