Photograph - University of Manitoba Faculty of Agriculture students, 1930s
A photograph of agricultural students at the University of Manitoba, sometime in the 1930s. Members of the 1932, 1933, 1934 and 1935 diploma and degree classes are pictured, including: R. L. Moody, Robert Harvey, John Sim, Frank Shefrin, Creighton Gibson, A. Little, Robert Ross, Reuben Wicklund, Wilfrid Waddell, Francis Muirhead, Howard Peto, Peter Kondra, J. Tussman, D. J. Tompkin, J. L. Wilson, Arni Gillis, William Sanburn, A. T. Berg, Robert Frost, William Silversides, James Floyd, Thorn Hawken, J. Wolfman, A. Stermer, T. Cannon, M. Storozuk, K. C. Thorneloe, Paul Innes, R. W. Brown, Dr. W. Turnbull, T. L. Forster, D. Herron, and William Holman., Luna Collection ID - 109::UMANITOBALCM::NA, Luna Object ID - 426168, Luna Image ID - 153530
Photograph - beekeeping short course students, 1926
A photograph of some of the students in the beekeeping short course held at the University of Manitoba Fort Garry campus in 1926: J. A. Baird, C. Beekstead, Mrs. M. Brander, Nellie Cameron, Elizabeth Campbell, Mrs. Fred Chapman, J. Cherepaka, George Croy, Mrs. M. H. Duncan, H. J. Dupont, Frank Erb, Raymond Ferris, William Fulton, Armand Gekiere, J. Gill, O. P. Gosling, R. C. Harvey, Jim Jackson, D. H. Jacobs, Mrs. Gordon James, H. B. Kirby, Theodore Kim, Oskar Kohler, John Lyons, J. H. Lowes, A. B. McAdam, J. MacKison, John McCoubrey, Mary McConnell, John MacKensie, Robert Moore, F. Musgrove, Ceen Nichol, H. Picken, Arthur Pickham, A. Piskor, Nicholas Poley, Sidney Ransom, Mrs. R. D. Stairs, D. L. Stewart, Marv Smith, Mrs. W. Stinson, Gordon Tennant, M. E. Thornton, F. F. Walland, Thomas Waterson, H. A. Webber, K H. Williams, J. B. Wilson, W. Young, and J. W. Neill. The students are arranged on steps in front of a building, and are numbered to correspond with a list of their names on the back of the photo. "Beekeepers Short Course 1926" is written at the bottom of the photograph., Luna Collection ID - 109::UMANITOBALCM::NA, Luna Object ID - 424112, Luna Image ID - 153497