Photograph - beekeeping short course students, 1939
A photograph of the students enrolled in the short course in beekeeping offered by the University of Manitoba in January, 1939: Grace Selberg, of Winnipeg, Manitoba; Mary Wilkinson, of Winnipeg, Manitoba; Mrs. J. D. Garson, of Winnipeg, Manitoba; A. V. Mitchener, entomology professor at the University of Manitoba; L. T. Floyd, provincial apiarist for Manitoba; Dorothy Roberts, of Winnipeg, Manitoba; Mary Johnson, of Winthorpe, Saskatchewan; Margaret Seaton, of Sturgeon Creek, Manitoba; Jennie Boyd, of Argyle, Manitoba; John Hood, of Basswood, Manitoba; Fred Trudeau, of Winnipeg, Manitoba; Milton Kitson, of Riding Mountain, Manitoba; D. H. Payne, of Winnipeg, Manitoba; Oskar Rafnkjellsson, of Silver Bay, Manitoba; Stanley Golas, of Zbaraz, Manitoba; Daniel Brown, of Rathwell, Manitoba; Russell Boughen, of Valley River, Manitoba; W. J. Boughen, of Valley River, Manitoba; Kenneth Ould, of Winnipeg, Manitoba; David Hood, of Basswood, Manitoba; O. J. Baxter, of Plumas, Manitoba; Stanley Johnson, of Vogar, Manitoba; Alex Crozier, of Winnipeg, Manitoba; Carl Christianson, of Winnipeg, Manitoba; W. V. Kugelgen, of Winnipeg, Manitoba; Pete Kozak, of Winnipeg, Manitoba; Harold Austin, of Emo, Ontario; Pete Czuchry, of Winnipeg, Manitoba; Tom Acutt, of Edrans, Manitoba; Fred Lyall, of Rossendale, Manitoba; and C. M. Duvenaud of Sanford, Manitoba. Robert Fleming of Neepawa was also enrolled in the course but is not pictured., Luna Collection ID - 109::UMANITOBALCM::NA, Luna Object ID - 424891, Luna Image ID - 153513