Photograph - Manitoba Agricultural College Managra staff, 1918-1919
A photograph of the 1918-1919 staff of the monthly Manitoba Agricultural College publication, Managra: William Weir, personals editor, class of 1920; Ted Townsend, athletics editor, class of 1922; Harry Walker, associate editor, class of 1922; Bertha Rodgers, locals editor, home economics class of 1923; Ernest Baragar, locals editor, class of 1920; William Parker, associate editor, class of 1921; Chester Bissett, business manager, class of 1920; Lillian Townsend (nee Archibald), athletics editor, class of 1922; W. N. Pecover, exchanges editor, class of 1923; Margaret Reid, editor-in-chief, home economics class of 1921; C. E. Winston, agricultural editor, class of 1922; Alice Stevens, social editor, class of 1923; Hugh McPhail, circulation manager, class of 1921; Doris St. Ruth, associate editor, class of 1921; John Hopkins, advertising manager, class of 1921; and Elinor Fee, personals editor, class of 1920., Luna Collection ID - 109::UMANITOBALCM::NA, Luna Object ID - 421125, Luna Image ID - 153809