Photograph - Managra staff, 1930-1931
A photograph of the 1930-1931 staff of Managra, the University of Manitoba faculty of agriculture publication: Frank Nowosad, Herbert Laidlaw, Neill MacGregor, Kenneth McLean, Margaret Jasper, Marguerite McCauley, Helen Aikman, Peter Janzen, Ruth Casselman, Eileen Talbot-Crosbie, Margaret Bergsteinsson, Harry Whitby, Gertrude Cosgrove, John Forsyth, Ruth Hunter, S. Lindsay Awrey, and Margaret McEwan. C. R. Hopper was on the staff of the Managra, but is not pictured., Luna Collection ID - 109::UMANITOBALCM::NA, Luna Object ID - 434349, Luna Image ID - 153844