Photograph - Manitoba Agricultural College Managra staff, 1917-1918
A photograph of the 1916-1917 staff of the monthly Manitoba Agricultural College periodical Managra: Tandy Johnson, exchanges editor, class of 1918; Harold Andrews, editor, class of 1919; Arthur Stratton, athletics editor, class of 1919; Chester Bissett, business manager, class of 1919; John Hopkins, locals editor, class of 1920; William Weir, personals editor, class of 1919; Ethel Armstrong, associate editor, home economics class of 1919; Connie Billington, college life editor, home economics class of 1920; Margaret McKillop, associate editor, home economics class of 1918; Ernest Baragar, war editor, class of 1919; and P. Sturrock, circulation manager, class of 1920. George Walker, class of 1919, is listed as associate editor, but the inset in which he was supposed to appear is not in this photograph., Luna Collection ID - 109::UMANITOBALCM::NA, Luna Object ID - 421067, Luna Image ID - 153808