Photograph - Faculty of Agriculture long course students, 1928
A photograph of the students enrolled in long courses at the Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Manitoba in 1928. "Students in long courses Man. Agricultural College. Winnipeg 1928. Bauslaugh Photo" is written at the bottom of the photograph., Luna Collection ID - 109::UMANITOBALCM::NA, Luna Object ID - 430171, Luna Image ID - 153544
Photograph - beekeeping short course students, 1930
A photograph of the students enrolled in the beekeeping short course offered at the University of Manitoba in 1930: W. G. le Maistre, of Ottawa, Ontario; G. L. Jarvis, of Brantford, Ontario; A. V. Mitchener, of the Manitoba Agricultural College; Roy Mullin, of Myrtle, Manitoba; James McSpadden, of Edrans, Manitoba; W. B. Lee, of Gunton, Manitoba; Ida Nelson, of Winnipeg, Manitoba; Lily Taylor, of Winnipeg, Manitoba; A. Hample, of Gretna, Manitoba; W. H. Belton, of Plumas, Manitoba; M. S. Messenger of Veregin, Saskatchewan; H. N. Epp, of Brandon, Manitoba; John Dutton, of Gilbert Plains, Manitoba; J. Braithwaite, of Homewood, Manitoba; T. W. Price, of Winnipeg, Manitoba; Carl Clark, of Treesbank, Manitoba (a former student who was visiting when the photo was taken); G. M. Ledat, of Rapid City, Manitoba; K. Driedger, of Oak Lake, Manitoba; W. P. Langtry, of Homewood, Manitoba; and W. A. Krutz, of Morden, Manitoba., Luna Collection ID - 109::UMANITOBALCM::NA, Luna Object ID - 424462, Luna Image ID - 153505
Photograph - students, 1925
A photograph of some students, possibly in a short course, at the faculty of agriculture at the University of Manitoba in 1925: back row, left to right: unidentified, Donald Denoon, Frank Cooper, D. F. McLachlan, Harold Archer, Alex Forsyth, W. M. Bertram, A. S. Homersham, F. L. Mutch, and Fletcher Fife. third row, left to right: Alfred Welsh, J. W. Thomas, C. S. Thomas, L. E. Deering, E. B. Foote, unidentified, J. W. Reid, Frank Findley, unidentified, Louis Duvenaud, and John Blickensderfer. second row, left to right: R. J. McCallum, Ellen Leech, Ethel Tully, Hugh Newton, William Fulton, C. E. Sweeney, R. C. Hendors, Carol Clark, Arthur Day, T. H. Matchett, C. L. Stoney, Trix Cassidy, John A[rest of name obscured], and J. C. Avison. first row, left to right: D. Munroe, Mrs. William Minty, Rachel Mitchell, Ruby Hewitt, unidentified, unidentified, unidentified, C. McGregor, Marjorie Ewens, Dora Drowski, and J. R. Andrews. The students have been numbered to correspond with a list of names on the back of the photograph. The photograph has been torn into two pieces., Luna Collection ID - 109::UMANITOBALCM::NA, Luna Object ID - 430065, Luna Image ID - 153540