Photograph - Manitoba Agricultural College engineering short course students and faculty, 1926
A photograph of the students and faculty members of the Manitoba Agricultural College short course in engineering, held from 11 January to 5 March, 1926: Robert Watt, specialist in forge work; G. N. Luchuk; A. Kenny; C. F. Rowe; A. Prefontaine; M. Zelickson; S. Barr; H. Vint; H. J. Shepherd; J. Farquhar; P. Mahdik; J. D. Davidson; Samuel Lee, chemistry professor; C. Angus; W. B. Bullock; V. R. Martin; G. L. Turnbull; J. A. Robinson; Harry Robson, specialist in agricultural engineering; G. Pearson; Robinson Mitchell, specialist in wood shop; A. H. Kollar; R. A. Stewart; O. D'Haene, assistant in engineering; W. Johnson; J. Money; C. Short; H. L. Verrall; W. K. Wight; T. Buydens; A. E. Snyder; G. Wren; J. W. Smith; E. N. F. Kidd; H. Koshyk; J. M. Moore; L. L. Duvenaud; D. P. Froebe; M. L. McCausland; E. Ridgeway; E. H. Dunfield; J. W. Hole; A. E. Donogh; N. W. Kenny; S. Taylor; A. Yerex; H. Hawsyluk; D. McIntyre; C. Manns; E. H. Faust; D. M. Loeppky; G. C. Bruce; J. H. van der Marten; M. Vint; T. A. Hill; M. H. Alcock; A. Botterill; E. H. Blocker; E. A. Stony; G. D. Bell; N. H. Ashley; J. Mitchell; W. Graves; L. E. Parnell; and H. W. White. A list of participants is printed below the photograph; the people in the picture are numbered to correspond with their names., Luna Collection ID - 109::UMANITOBALCM::NA, Luna Object ID - 422697, Luna Image ID - 153495