Photograph - Frank Tennenhouse
A photograph of University of Manitoba agricultural engineering professor Frank Tennenhouse. This black-and-white photograph depicts Tennenhouse working in a lab., Luna Collection ID - 109::UMANITOBALCM::NA, Luna Object ID - 355764, Luna Image ID - 157325
Photograph - Manitoba Agricultural College engineering short course students and faculty, 1926
A photograph of the students and faculty members of the Manitoba Agricultural College short course in engineering, held from 11 January to 5 March, 1926: Robert Watt, specialist in forge work; G. N. Luchuk; A. Kenny; C. F. Rowe; A. Prefontaine; M. Zelickson; S. Barr; H. Vint; H. J. Shepherd; J. Farquhar; P. Mahdik; J. D. Davidson; Samuel Lee, chemistry professor; C. Angus; W. B. Bullock; V. R. Martin; G. L. Turnbull; J. A. Robinson; Harry Robson, specialist in agricultural engineering; G. Pearson; Robinson Mitchell, specialist in wood shop; A. H. Kollar; R. A. Stewart; O. D'Haene, assistant in engineering; W. Johnson; J. Money; C. Short; H. L. Verrall; W. K. Wight; T. Buydens; A. E. Snyder; G. Wren; J. W. Smith; E. N. F. Kidd; H. Koshyk; J. M. Moore; L. L. Duvenaud; D. P. Froebe; M. L. McCausland; E. Ridgeway; E. H. Dunfield; J. W. Hole; A. E. Donogh; N. W. Kenny; S. Taylor; A. Yerex; H. Hawsyluk; D. McIntyre; C. Manns; E. H. Faust; D. M. Loeppky; G. C. Bruce; J. H. van der Marten; M. Vint; T. A. Hill; M. H. Alcock; A. Botterill; E. H. Blocker; E. A. Stony; G. D. Bell; N. H. Ashley; J. Mitchell; W. Graves; L. E. Parnell; and H. W. White. A list of participants is printed below the photograph; the people in the picture are numbered to correspond with their names., Luna Collection ID - 109::UMANITOBALCM::NA, Luna Object ID - 422697, Luna Image ID - 153495
Photograph - engineering short course class, 1926
A photograph of an engineering short course class offered by the Faculty of Agriculture from January to March 1926. The course included farm mechanics, gas engines, steam engines, wood shop, forge shop, building constructions, and physics and electricity; the photograph depicts men working on a variety of mechanical devices., Luna Collection ID - 109::UMANITOBALCM::NA, Luna Object ID - 355800, Luna Image ID - 157330