Photograph - beekeeping short course students, 1937
A photograph of the students enrolled in the beekeeping short course offered at the University of Manitoba in 1937: Ed Garnett, of Oxdrift, Ontario; Johanna Daman, of Hulton, Manitoba; Marna Walley, of Balmoral, Manitoba; F. E. Reid, of Winnipeg, Manitoba; A. V. Mitchener, professor at the University of Manitoba; L. T. Floyd, provincial apiarist of Manitoba; Mary Wherrett, of Shoal Lake, Manitoba; Mrs. Charles Grant, of Winnipeg, Manitoba; Murray Garnett, of Shellmouth, Manitoba; Lloyd Wilton, of Roland, Manitoba; Robert Boughen, of Dauphin, Manitoba; A. Hiebert, of Winnipeg, Manitoba; S. C. Arbuckle, of Decker, Manitoba; Arnold Carroll, of Bagot, Manitoba; Jack McArton, of Winnipeg, Manitoba; Lloyd Smith, of Rathwell, Manitoba; L. W. Salzmann, of Winnipeg, Manitoba; Charlie Connor, of Carman, Manitoba; Charles Hawkins, of Winnipeg, Manitoba; William Mitchell, of Gonor, Manitoba; Peter Cassidy, of Winnipeg, Manitoba; W. S. Gowan, of Winnipeg, Manitoba; Ian McPhail, of Vista, Manitoba; Fred Siegenhagen, of Oak Bank, Manitoba; James Fisher, of Carman, Manitoba; Stefan Stefanson, of Arborg, Manitoba; Peter Labun, of Myrtle, Manitoba; and Peter Gray, of Brandon, Manitoba. Norris Stone, of Clearwater, Manitoba, was in the class but is not pictured., Luna Collection ID - 109::UMANITOBALCM::NA, Luna Object ID - 424612, Luna Image ID - 153509