Photograph - Manitoba Agricultural College student body executive, 1917
A photograph of the 1917 student body executive at the Manitoba Agricultural College: John Crawford, class of 1921; Tandy Johnson, class of 1918; Horatio Hallwright, class of 1917; Alexander Clark, student body president, class of 1917; A. G. Sissons, third dep., class of 1918; William Weir, athletics represenatative, class of 1918; Winnifred Thompson, class of 1921; Annie Pearson, home economics literary society representative, class of 1921; Gretta Lyon, home economics student body president, class of 1918; Gladys Henry, home economics athletics representative, class of 1919; Aurilla Brown, class of 1918; G. A. Johnstone, class of 1920; Evelyn Moore, class of 1919; Ernest Baragar, union literary society representative, class of 1918; Jessie Stewart, class of 1920; and William Parker, class of 1919. A label is attached and reads "Contributed by: Mrs. F. C. Bell, 105 Lanark St., Wpg. (formerly Mrs. J. E. Crawford, BSA '23)"., Luna Collection ID - 109::UMANITOBALCM::NA, Luna Object ID - 419255, Luna Image ID - 153798