Photograph - Manitoba Agricultural College Gazette staff, 1914
A photograph of the staff of the Manitoba Agricultural College Gazette in 1914: John Dryden, agricultural engineering reporter, class of 1914; William Leslie, agriculture reporter, class of 1916; John Hudson, dairying reporter, class of 1916; George Ewart, livestock reporter, class of 1914; Roy Hopper, circulation manager, class of 1917; Emerson Ramsay, societies reporter, class of 1915; Archibald McPherson, local reporter, class of 1914; James Irwin, old boys reporter, class of 1915; Charles Richardson, assistant editor, class of 1915; May Thompson, home economics reporter; Sheppard, home economics reporter; Ernest Trott, editor-in-chief, class of 1914; N. McFadden, home economics reporter; Clark Hopper, managing reporter; Lester Robson, athletics reporter, class of 1915; and Stefan Bjarnasson, horticulture reporter, class of 1915., Luna Collection ID - 109::UMANITOBALCM::NA, Luna Object ID - 419543, Luna Image ID - 153805
Photograph - Manitoba Agricultural College agriculture class of 1916
A photograph of the Manitoba Agricultural College 1916 class in agriculture, less Frank Hitchcock: James Bell, Robert Bruce, John Hudson, Arthur Judson, William Leslie, Frank Linnell, Earl Myers, Frederick Newcombe, Fred Parkinson, William Roberts, Rae Salkeld, and Howard Winkler. The students are standing on stairs at the back of the Tache Hall residence. A typed label is attached and reads "The BSA '16 Class, less F.Hitchcock, at back of residence, MAC, Ft.Garry Donated by: F.H. Newcombe, BSA '16"., Luna Collection ID - 109::UMANITOBALCM::NA, Luna Object ID - 439558, Luna Image ID - 153644