Town Of Selkirk, Manitoba, Canada.

Selkirk is an established town. The original charter was drawn up in 1882 and since then the town’s growth has been steady. It’s a prosperous town with a sound econ: omy based on industry and a good surrounding agricultural area.

Each year new streets and new homes are added, and, as the population nears the ten thousand mark the town fathers work for the day Selkirk will become a city.

It’s as complete a town as you’ll find anywhere. There are shopping centres, equal to any in the coun-

try, completely modern schools in- cluding a thirteen hundred student capacity Collegiate, and a prog- ressive town Council that looks to the future.

Selkirk has a library, a theatre, a golf course, a curling rink and a bowling alley among its recrea- tional facilities. It also has an arena where the finest hockey players in western Canada per- form each winter. In short, it has anything a visitor or citizen might want, including the friendliest at» mosphere in Manitoba.