Mayor A. C. Montgomery

Welcome To Selkirk

On behalf of the town of Selkirk —Welcome.

Our town is a friendly place, and it’s our sincere hope that your stay with us will he one you will long remember.

If you’re interested in history, Selkirk is steeped in it. If you like fishing or water sport of any kind this is the town for you. If your plans include camping, make straight for Selkirk Park. This is a park second to none in the coun— try and we’re very proud of it.

But whether your visit lasts for an hour or a year, please know that you are welcome and that we are genuinely delighted to have you as a guest.

Depufy Mayor Tim Taylor COUNCILLORS:

N, Boyd

A. Cooper

R. Cram-arty

H. Dubowits

C. Luining

T. Taylor

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