ELSII’) LOUISE MITCHELL (ncc “’allace)

\Vas born at Little Britain, Manitoba. She enlisted with the R.C.A.F. (Hill) on July 2, 1942, under Regimental No. W-305938 and was dis- charged September 116, 1942, with the rank of AVVZ. Her training was taken at, Rockcliffe and Guelph, Ontario. 1


Was born October 23, 1923, at Selkirk, Manitoba. He enlisted April 22, 1941, with the \Vinnipeg Grenadiers under No. 14-6926, six months before his .lRth birthday. He had five weeks training at Basic Camp No. 43, Sherbrooke, Quebec, and then returned home On embarkation leave and proceeded on to Jamaica. He returned with his regiment; in Septem— ber, 1941, and spent six weeks at. home, from there he proceeded overseas again to Ilong Kong. Rank of Private.

lle was taken a prisoner on Christmas Day 1941. He was transferred to Japan in January 1943, Camp No. 3D, Kowasaki, between Yokohama and Tokyo. He was at this camp until March 315t, 1945, and was then moved to BB. Ohasii, near Sendi. On September 15. 1945, he and the rest of the Camp were liberated. He arrived home via British Columbia October 17th and was at home October 23rd.

During his days at Hong Kong as a prisoner of war he underwent the crueltics of the Japanese with lack of food, lack of clothing and unsanitary conditions.


. Rornin England, and served from 1914-1919 with the Second Bat- talion (115.17., serving in France, Belgium and Germany.

in the Second World War he enlisted on August: 15th, 1942 receiving the rank of Captain and was retired from the forces in August 5th, 1944. All his services being in Canada Provost Corps No. 31 Company. At. the time of the Second World War he was a member on the staff of the .\lanitoha Penitentiary and returned to services in that institution obtain— ing the rank of Deputy-warden.


There were four in the family of John S. Wilson who all served in the Services following well the footsteps of their father who served in first \Vorld War from 1914—18, with a Scottish Regiment. Mr. Wilson was born in Scotland and Mrs. \Vilson in England. The boys were Kenneth, Robert and John Knox and daughter Marjorie.


\Vas horn in Kenora, Ontario, on the 31st of March, 1914. He joined the R.C.A.F. on November 13, 1939, under Reg. No. 11—56506, and was attached to No. 112 Squadron. He was discharged on February 27, 1945, with the rank of Corporal.

lie trained at. Winnipeg, Manitoba, and at Ottawa, Ontario. He then proceeded overseas and was in Britain from June 1940 until Decem— ber 1944. Kenneth is with the R.C.A.F.. (1960).


Enlisted in the Royal Winnipeg Rifles on June 19, 1940, under Reg. No. 11-40863. He was born at Stony Mountain on September 18th, 1921, and received his education there, He served with the Rifles until the scfrt'taid of November, 1945, when he received his discharge with the rank 0 Sergeant.



He trained at, Shilo and Debcrt, N.S., in Canada, and then went to England where he resumed his training at Aldershot, VVynehurst Park, Firle Park, Angmering, West Chiltington, Strood Park, and Inverary.

His unit was in action in Europe from D-day till the end of hostilities, being one of the assault battalions in the invasion of Normandy. He also took part in the liberation of Caen, Falaise Gap, Calais, and the Scheldt Estuary


On his 18th birthday June 9, 1942, joined the R.C.N.V.R. and was discharged September 9, 1945. He trained in the various stations across Canada and in 1944 was in the ships command of H.M.C.S. Thorlock and was on operational patrol service on the date the ship reached the Atlantic Ocean May, 1944.

Asked if he saw any subs he said "no, their ship never got a sub while they were on it but on their trip in April I contracted chicken pox when my ship went out and obtained their sub. Fancy chicken pox!”

John was born at Stony Mountain, Manitoba, October 2nd, 1924, and attended the Stony Mountain public and high school.

John re—enlisted with the R.C.N. and at the present holds the rank of Petty—Officer. The papers report as of the 12th of March, 1960, that “he was awarded a cash bonus of $335.00 from the public service of Canada for suggestion on modifications to radar magnetrons used by the R.C.N.." This is the second time that he has been awarded a bonus for suggestions.


Was born at, Stony Mountain, Manitoba, and on her birthday joined the C.W.A.C. under N0. Vii-100874. She trained in Canada and her service was with the London Military Hospital Ontario. She remained in the services after the war for a time, took her discharge and attended art school. In 1957 she joined the R.C.A.F. (W.D..)

1960-Marjorie is in the services holding the rank of Flying-Officer


There are two families by the name of Woods at Stony Mountain, both with the surname of Harry; one is designated as Harry while the other is H. G. This is the story of H_ G. Woods. Both Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Woods were born in England. Mr. Woods was on the staff of the Manitoba Penitentiary and served in the first world war. Two sons and one son-in- law of Mr. and Mrs. H. G- Woods served in world war number two. The third son, Leslie, was at the commencement of the war a member of the R.C.M.P.

All three of. the sons were educated in the Stony Mountain high school.


The seCond son was born at Stonewall, November 2, 1916. He joined the R.C.A.F. in February, 1942, under number 107160, and from February, 1940, he served with the Army of Occupation holding the rank of L.A.C. He. trained at Clinton, Ontario, and McMaster University, and Hamilton.