Mr. and Mrs. S. F. Bloomfield, Chief Trade Instructor at the Manitoba Penitentiary, had three sons in World War Two. S.Q.M.S. “Gus" A. S. Bloomfield, of a Mechanized Unit, Pte. John R. Bloomfield - Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps, and Supper S. F. Bloomfield - Royal Canadian I‘Inginecrs. All served overseas.

'1‘} I E I! LO 0 M F] ELI) FADIILY

Staff Quartermaster Sergeant A. S. Bloomfield awarded Efficiency Met‘lal—--l\'1ay, 1943.


\Vas born December 5, 1898, at Luninghill, Berks, England. He enlisted on January 15, 1941, with the R.C.A.F. under number R-91511, and was discharged on October 21, 1945, with the rank of Sergeant. He served in Vulcan and Calgary, Alberta, and Winnipeg and Portage la Prairie, Manitoba.

Before enlisting he was a Member of the staff of the Manitoba Pen— itcntiary,


Olive P. Bradleyhdaughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Bradley, was born at Stony Mountain. She enlisted with the Royal Canadian Air Force (W.D.)——No. VV-303129, and trained at Brandon and MacDonald, Manitoba.


Was born at Winnipeg, Manitoba, on October 28, 1909. When he considered enlisting he found that the village of Stony Mountain was the place to leave his wife and family. He then enlisted in December, 1941, with the Royal Canadian Engineers, under regimental No. 11-82203. He was discharged on November 20th, 1945, with the rank of Sapper.

He trained in Chilliwack, BC, and went to England. On D-Day he went: to France then through Belgium, Holland and on V-E Day, May 8th, he was in Germany.

He returned to Canada and has taken up his former employment.

SAMUEL BROW’NE Was born in Londonderry, North Ireland, on June 7th, 1901.

At the commencement of the war he was on the Staff of the Manitoba Penitentiary at Stony Mountain. He enlisted on the 6th of March, 1940, under Regimental No. 3716, with No. 1~~M.T.V.R.D. of the R.C.A.S.C. He left. for England on the 25 of April, 1940, and remained there 4 years, two months. He was through the various blitz of England and London. He was discharged on the 5th of August, 1944, with the rank of Corporal.

DAVID S. BUDGE 11—71032 Born in Ireland.

Was in the army. Discharged October, 1945. Rank of Sergeant.

TIIORA G. BURK “’-303282

Was born in Kingston, Ontario, and enlisted in the Air Force (W.D.) on April 16, 1941, and was discharged July 28, 1942, retiring with the rank of L.A.W.


After training Thora was stationed at. Muskoka Convalescent Camp where she had the pleasant experience of actually taking over the duty of a soldier who had been transferred overseas. Apparently there was a great desire to give those convalescing choicest foods, so she was in kitchen duty.

From there she was posted to Ottawa and was a switchboard operator. It was from there she was admitted to the hospital and returned to Stony Mountain.


Two sons of Mr. and Mrs. Cade served in the forces including Mr. Cade himself, who served again in World War N0. 2.

Mr. Cade Sr. was born July 26, 1893, at London, England, where he met and married his wife and came to Canada.

Previous to that: in 1911, he joined the Lord Strathcona Horse and served two years with them. In 1914 he joined the Winnipeg Light Infantry. He was wounded three times at Festubert May, 1915, at Somme August, 1916, and Cuix in May 1917. The war ended before he received his commission,

He then came to Canada and became an officer of the Manitoba Penitentiary. On June 6, 1940, he joined the Veterans Guard, under No. 11—40013. He served in Ontario, Neys, Angler and Red Rock in Prisoner of War Camps. Was regiment carpenter for 18 months. He was discharged December 7, 1941.


Was born March 5, 1920, at Winnipeg, Manitoba. On September 1, 1939, he joined the Lord Strathcona Horse, his fathers first unit, under N0. P—3522. He was discharged October 15, 1945, with the rank of Corporal.

He served in Italy, Holland, Germany, in Belgium and France. In the Battle of Molfa River on the Hitler Line and in Italy. Once his tank was hit: and all were killed except Fred. He rejoined after three weeks in the Hospital to recover from shock.

He ended his service at Hardwicke, Holland.

He married during his service and now resides at West Kildonan near Winnipeg.

JOHN DOUGLAS CADE Jack was born February 25, 1921, at Winnipeg, Manitoba.

, On September 3, 1939, he also joined the Lord Strathcona Horse (R.C.) under N0. H-102. He is still in service and holds the rank of Major (1960).

He trained at Shilo, Borden and Temerooke, Wales. His active service was in France, Belgium, Holland, and Germany. He was at the capture of Oldenburg two days before the Germans quit.

Jack won the belt of Honor at O.T.S. Sandhurst. He qualified as a Tank Officer while in reserve officer camp. A shortage of infantry officers placed him with the Infantry. He went to Frame and served with the South Saskatchewan Regiment. The L.S.H. (R.C.) claimed him last December and is now serving with the Permanent Force in Canada.

The hobby of both boys and the father is stamp collecting.