eldest daughter, born in 1929. Elma is now Mrs. W. MCKINNON of Fort William, Ontario. Reta, born in 1932, married Gus LENNSTROM who had been a Spearhill boy. They live in Windsor Park, St. Boniface. Ronelda born in 1935 is now Mrs. MCLENNAN. She and her husband and family also live in Fort William.

Ralph writes - "From 1940 to 1963 our home was on our farm west of Ashern, but I was doing construction work during that time and worked in many places. After leaving construction, we went into the motel and restaurant business in Ashern, where we still are at time of writing."


Lived at the Hill from 1929 to 1940, completing Grade VI in Scandia school. She writes -

"In 1940 I moved with my parents to near Ashern where I took Grades VII and VIII in Picnicridge school, and then four years high school in Ashern. we either walked the five miles into town or drove a horse and buggy until there was no longer a livery stable in town.

"In 1946 to 1947, I taught in Barnwald school, situated seven miles from Ashern, having Grades I to VIII with one student taking Grade IX correspondence course. I then attended Success Business College, gradu- ated in 1948, and began work with Stevens and Sons Ltd., surgical supply house (on the Mall). In 1951 to 1952 I organized the Business course at Gimli high school at Gimli, Manitoba and then moved to Fort William and began work with the Canadian Car as secretary to the superintendent.

”In December 1954 I married Jas. W. SMITH an Insurance salesman, who died four years later of a heart seizure. We had two children.

"In 1960 I married my second husband, Hector W. MCKINNON, a widower and adopted six children. My husband is Assistant Manager of the City of Fort William Telephone Company. Trudy, our youngest was born in 1961.

"Our family attend Zion Lutheran church in Fort William, Hector being a member of the church board. I teach nursery school and do secretarial work. We are also proud to be presidents of Kakabeka Branch of the Legion and the Auxiliary. These are the only two organizations in which we are active.

"The names of the children are - Sharon 25, Susan 20, Marilyn 18, g Danny 16, John 14, June 12, Stephen 11, Elma Lee 10 and Trudy 6. Our i eldest daughter is working in Winnipeg, and the next two in Fort William. Marilyn graduated just this year."

RUCHOTSKI, William and Elsie

"Bill" worked at Spearhill periodically from 1927 to 1934, but he and his wife made their home there from 1934 to 1942. He wrote

"When we left Spearhill in 1942, we had three daughters, Beatrice born in 1933, now Mrs. I.B. BLACK, Evelyn born in 1935, now Mrs. D.J. RISTO, and Mardell born in 1941, now Mrs. G.J. CORBETT. Our fourth daughter Dianne Joyce Karen, was born in 1947 after we moved to Winnipeg,