Back row, L. to R: Mary, Jim, Rosie, Vera, Wasyl, Lena.

ris agent and barbershop owner in Inglis. Later he sold their house and purchased a store in Inglis which had a barbershop and their living quarters. In 1949, they sold their business to the McKay Brothers and they retired to Winnipeg where they are pres— ently living. They were blessed with five children: Margaret, Eleanor, Doris, Jamie and Bill.

Vera married Mike Ludva, Canora, Sas— katchewan, labourer. She worked as a cook in a restaurant for many years. After her husband passed away, she moved to Camrose, Alberta where she is presently residing. They were blessed with three children: Doris, Marie and Ann.

Jim married Sarah (Sadie) Chescu in 1939 in the original St. Eli Romanian Church. After their wedding vows, all guests were invited to the farm for the wedding party. In the evening they had a dance in the Hudson Hall in honour of the newly wed couple. When Jim and Sadie returned home after the dance, half of the wedding gifts and two gallons of homebrew were stolen. Jim made a few extra bucks from trapping. He started when he was eight years old and still enjoys setting the odd trap. He is still active in deer hunting (a terrific marks— man always gets his deer).

Sadie raised chickens for her extra money. She used to buy 500 chicks and sold the chicks for 75¢—$l.00 per chicken (cleaned and bagged).

Sadie always gave Jim a helping hand with the farm work hauling hay, stooking, baling, pick— ing stones whatever Jim was doing. Sadie was right there to help. Her day was not over 14 cows were waiting at home to be milked. She sold a can of cream for $1.25.

Jim and Sadie are active church goers. They


belong to the Lennard Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Church.

Sadie loves her gardening and her flowers. Any— one driving past their home quarters would actually stop and admire her flowers.

Jim farmed the home place for 45 years (1931—1976). In 1960, they purchased Mike Onchulenko’s old place from Fred Onchulenko. That was their home quarter until their retirement in 1976. Jim and Sadie retired to Roblin where they are presently living.

They were blessed with five children:

Steve farmer (farming the homestead), heavy equipment operator, wife Joan (Graham) originally from Wabigoon, Ontario, married in 1971, one daughter, Cindy. They live in Russell, Manitoba.

Mary married Dick Hickling, 1965 , Winnipeg Police, Detective and Police Artist. They have two children: Kevin and Scott.

Doreen married Norm McFarlane, Van— couver Police, detective, 1966.

Lorraine married Laurence Flundra, July 18, 1965, carpenter, Russell, Manitoba. They have two children: Bryan and Troy.

Don married Liz (Wiwcharuk), Ethelbert, Manitoba, secretary, October 9, 1976. They have two children: Devron and Sheri—dawn. Don is farming Onchulenko’s old place, NE 28—23—27. They are living in the original house but have done major renovating.

Rosie married Jim Bilyk, farmer. She is now living in Winnipeg. They were blessed with four children: Willy, Eleanor, Jerry and Marie.

Bill and Magdalene Komaransky submitted by Mike Komaransky

Bill and Magdalene Komaransky were a young, married couple in their early twenties who came from a village in the Ukraine called Ozurune in Berdichev.

Bill and Magdalene were Ukrainian immigrants who were driven by poverty, oppression and hope— lessness to turn their backs on the only world they had ever known.

The decision to relocate in a foreign country, half way around the world, was not an easy decision to make. They would have to break ties with friends and relatives to leave forever. This would be a very painful step.

But after hearing and reading very convincing letters from friends about the rich lands of the Canadian West, it offered them hope for the future in the form of land, enough for themselves and their children.

One hundred and sixty acres of nearly free land was given out to the Ukrainian pioneer settlements