Paul sawed into cord wood. This was hauled into Russell, twenty miles away, and sold for additional family income. Three more baby girls (Alberta, Alice and Lenora), and a boy (Ewald) were added to the family.

In the spring of 1910, Joseph bought another 160 acres across from Fred Liske, Sr., and where the first Lutheran Church stood. Here, he built a large comfortable home and a big barn, considered the best in the area at that time (it may be still standing). Rudolph, the eldest, worked on the farm helping his father; his mother promised him that as soon as they were able they would send him to school to obtain an education. When the last child a son (George) was born in 1912, Rudolph left for British Columbia to stay with an uncle where there were better educational opportunites.

When in 1914, school opened for the first time in that area (Russell), in a schoolhouse which was used as a house of worship on the weekends, about forty—five beginners and six who had previously attended Boulton School, registered the first day with Gordon Griggs, teacher. None of the beginners knew English and many names were misspelled.

In 1919, Joseph sold everything and moved to Lacombe, Alberta, where Rudolph by now was attending Alberta Industrial Academy. He gradu— ated from college and became a ministerial intern in Illinois. Paul became a bookkeeper and later a building contractor.

Rudolph and Paul are now deceased. Alvina, Alberta and Lenora became registered nurses; Alice, a high school and junior college teacher; Ewald and George became medical doctors.

As to the grandchildren —— Rudolph, Alvina, Alice and Lenora had no children. Paul 3 daughters married (Gwen) a homemaker; (Rhoda) a registered nurse; and (Shirley) a medical records secretary; 1 son (Gerald) a home site developer in B.C. and 1 son (Eldon) a missionary in Zaire, Africa. Alberta 1 daughter (Joyce) secretary for

L—R: Ewald and Yvonne Bower, Alberta and Joyce Hake. Grass Valley, California present residence of Ewald, October, 1984.


school psychologists; 1 son (Kenneth) Municipal Court Judge, both in Sacramento. George 1 son (Michael) a medical doctor in Los Angeles; 1 daughter (Mary Lois) a registered nutritionist and dental hygienist in Sacramento. Ewald 2 daughters and 2 sons —— (Janet) a commercial archi— tect in Los Angeles; (Karen) a computer program— mer in New York; (Kurt) a medical doctor in Illinois, and (Brent) a meteorologist/weather in Utah.

Alvina, Alice, Lenora and George have retired in Redding, California; Ewald lives in Grass Valley and Alberta lives in Sacramento, California. All are well and lead active and busy lives.

L—R: Alvina Hake and Alice Bower taken at Redding, Califor— nia, October 1984.

Peter Beischer and Family submitted by Lilly Koss and Margaret Beischer

Peter Beischer, born in 1863, and his wife Eliz— abeth, born in 1861 in Austria, came to Little Falls, New York, USA. in 1908 with their four sons and two daughters, all of whom were born in Austria. The sons were John, Henry, Joe, and William, and the daughters, Theresa and Mathilda. In 1892 John, his wife Julia, and their daughters Minnie and Louise came to the Freefield District and bought N.W. 11—23—27 from Mr. Jim Baker.

In 1913 Peter and his wife, Elizabeth, Henry and his wife, Anna, Joe and William came to the Free— field District. Peter bought S.W. 14-23—27 from