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In November, 1923, after World War One, a War Memorial Com- mittee, with power to arrange for the erection of a suitable memorial, was formed with Hon. J. B. Baird as permanent chairman. The site on the corner of Anderson Ave. and Stanley St. was decided upon and a Mr. Brunet, of St. Boniface, was given the contract.

Inscribed on the monument were the names of the 37 men who had lost their lives in the first war, and the following famous battles in which Canadians fought: Ypres, Vimy and Amiens. After the Second \Vorld War, 14 more names were added and the battles of Caen, Falaise, Schelde, Cassino, Ortona, Hong Kong and Dieppe.

Brig. Gen. Kircaldy unveiled the memorial in August, 1923, and since that time the second Sunday in August has been set aside for the annual memorial service. J. C. Stewart is now permanent chairman of the War Memorial Committee, having succeeded Rev. J. L. Brown who was Mr. Baird‘s successor.

"Rise, Memory. and write its praise!"—She|ley.

These words by Shelley may well be the theme of this 75-50 Reunion Book, for, the purpose of this book is to recall and record the history of Pilot Mound community to the three-quarter century mark; to make known to the present and future generations some of the facts and experiences of the early pioneers who met, with unflinching courage, the challenge of the frontier; and to indicate growth and development to the present.

It has been the earnest endeavor of the editors to compile a clear, comprehensive and authenticwthough necessarily brief—story from the information submitted. Much, indeed, has come from the reminiscences of “old-timers” and from the dusty archives of treasured souvenirs. Most of the material has been confirmed by records.

Sincere thanks to all those who loaned old letters, documents, clip- pings, records and photographs. Thanks also to the photographers who supplied the contemporary pictures of the community.

The hope of the editors is that this book may supplement prior historical writings of the community, and prove interesting and informa- tive. May it serve also as an inspiration to those who follow and, from the foundation so strongly and surely laid, may this community rise to greater heights.