Saskatchewan. The Dry River, Mariapolis and St. Alphonse districts, in the northern portion of the area, are said to grow the finest malting barley in Manitoba, with the Dry River district holding the world’s record for the largest yield to the acre of spring wheat.

The area was well represented in the armed forces during both World Wars. After the first World War the Canadian Mounted Rifles were organized on the old time horse cavalry basis under the name of the Manitoba Mounted Rifles. One squadron was stationed at Pilot Mound under the command of Major R. D. Ferguson; later the commanding officer was Major J. R. Kennedy.

Crystal City, on the bank of what was a clear sparkling creek, from whence the name was derived, is Pilot Mound’s nearest neighbor, and is located four miles south-West along No. 3 highway. This is a thriving village boasting a new hotel and theatre, hospital, creamery, school playground, rinks and businesses. Crystal City district is very fortunate that a complete history has been recorded in the pages of the book written by the late Mr. T. G. McKitrick, called “Corner Stones of Empire.”