To Jrhe memory of Jrhe pioneer men and women who braved new and some’rimes s’rar’rling experiences in order JrhaJr we. who followed. mighf have a grea’r heri’rage. lhis Souvenir Bool<|e+ is respecHully


The edifors. wi’rh help from many sources. have Jrried Jro bring you lhe his’rory of Jrhe ’rown. otuing dis‘rricfs. churches. schools. business places and all ofher ilems of im‘ere51L so +ha+ Jrhose. who come +o join in Jrhe celebra’rion will be able +o read Jrhe book and reminisce and Jrhose who are unable lo aliend. will a‘r leasl have a souvenir.

The Re-Union Commif’ree is gralelul for Jrhe generous supporiL given by everyone whose elfor’rs have made possible +his re-union and fhe publica’rion oi ’rhis Souvenir Book.