Vousden, an Englishwoman, in Winnipeg, in 192]. Family born to them were as follows: FRANK is married and lives in Winnipeg with one son and two daughters, JESSIE and her husband live in Vancouver and have one grown up daughter, and son Robert, born in the farmhouse is married to Charlotte and still on the farm.

The farm was run with horses up until 1944, when mechanized farm implements took over. At the time most people had to be content with what they received from the land, and then when things became more mechanized, chemicals had to be used.


Russell (Red) sold the family home on Cochran St. to Don Bridgeman who in turn demolished it and used the ground for a garden. This property later became the garden of Elgin Hyndman but is now owned (1983) by Bill and Freda Henry; they have already made some improvements to this corner.

Red bought his present dwelling from Mrs. Don Bridgeman in 1974 which is situated on Delap St. Red worked for Bradley Sand and Gravel for twenty-eight years and took early retirement on account of a disability. He is a member of the local Legion Branch.

A member of the late Gus Higham family has bought the adioining property (Frank McDonald) and plans to more in a mobile home upon retirement.

Mary Ross is originally from Angusville, Manitoba. She cooked for Bradley Sand and Gravel for six years. She has lived in Oak River for ten years.


William Neil McCallum was born June 6, 1926 in Hamiota, the son of Violet E. McCallum, Fairview Home, Brandon and the late Earld Lorne McCallum.

Neil spent his early years on the family farm (W‘/2 23-13-23), R.M. of Hamiota. He attended school at Oakner until November, 1941 at which time the family moved to Oak River. Neil completed his education at Oak River High School, graduating from Grade XII in 1944.

Following high school Neil ioined the Royal Canadian Navy in September and received his discharge from the Navy in April, 1946. He returned to Oak River and ioined