of which we are iustly proud. Municipal Hall

In I9II the Reeve and Secretary were appointed to obtain the lowest price for a suitable lot and building 0 Municipal Hall. A By-Law was drawn up, giving the Municipality power to borrow $7,000. J. T. Hayhurst was instructed to draw up all plans and specifications. In February Council decided to build a hall by day labor, and Mr. Hayhurst was appointed to look after construction, and advertise sale of debentures. Tenders of Nay and James for debentures were accepted and a “corner stone" for the hall was laid June 22.

No special mention was made of hall opening or first council held. In I91 2 G. McIntyre was appointed manager and caretaker at $200 per annum. Charges for the hall were: Lodges, Boy Scouts and Agriculture meetings $2.50; public meetings and balls $I0; concerts and travelling troupes, not under contract, from $5 to $I5.

The same year carpet was laid in the lodge at cost of $272.85, freight on same $2.25. Hall lighting cost $27. In I9I3 a cement floor was placed in the basement. In I9I7 an organ was purchased for lodge room for $25, and in I9I9 Few and McIntyre installed electric lights. The hall was given free in I92I for all agricultural purposes, when in the interest of the whole Municipality. Amendments were made in I922 on rates, and the War Memorial Fund was granted free.

Mr. and Mrs. Newell operated a picture show for a period of time, and M. W. Coldicott was granted use of the hall for moving pictures in I926. In I940 Mr. Walshaw conducted the shows. In I928 J. Higham was appointed hall manager at $I5 per month.

In I932 J. Hume applied new roofing for $306, and in I934 a desk phone was placed in the municipal office. Mr. A. Dodds was authorized to re-wire the hall at cost of $2I 5. The Board of Trade in I939 were invited to appoint three members to work with the council and later made a contract for showing moving pictures.

In I934 E. L. McCallum’s orchestra “Midnight Moom Moths” held Saturday night dances until I935, and carried on again in I937 until I944, with the exception of two years when shows were being held. Harold Graham's orchestra “Red Coats" supplied music for Saturday night