from Rapid City Creamery were operated in the area. Drivers were Lloyd, Morley and Curly Biccum.

The large Dennison House north of the church in war time was set up as a grocery store and coffee shop and was operated by Noble Dennison's daughters, Millie, Helen, Vera and Mary. This store closed after the war and became the home of Borden Dennison on the south side and the north side was rented to many different families. There was one room upstairs which was reserved for the Municipal Doctor, who had office hours in Cardale, one day a week. This was later moved to the back of Dora's Cafe and discontinued when the doctor's office was closed in Oak River, Dr. Perry being the last doctor.

For a short time, Jimmie Mortimer operated a blacksmith shop and at one time there were three elevators in Cardale. Canadian Consolidated Company started in 1913, Bawff started in 1909 and the Manitoba Pool started in 1928. The Pool was later to purchase the other two and continued to operate until 1980, when with the removal of the railway they were forced to close. The Pool elevator ws purchased by Stow Brothers of Graysville and they continue to offer service to the area. The grain being moved now in large trucks and semi-trailers.

Thus as with other small towns, Cardale has had its boom years and years of decline; but it is still surviving with two stores, a garage, a cafe, an elevator, insurance business, the church, rink, an adult training school for the handicapped and shoe repair. It is hoped it can continue but who knows what the future may hold.

(For a more detailed account of Cardale, see Footprints and Chalkdust) published by Cardale Community in 1981.