she was employed by the Brandon General Hospital and she is now still living and nursing in Brandon.


This is an update on the Cowan family since 1970 report in Blanshard History. Lyall, on leaving school (Cardale) went to work on the Oil rigs with Sid and Art Rockall also originally residents of Blanshard Municipality. While in that area he met and married Lorna Coulter. Later they moved to Brandon, Calgary and British Columbia. Through these years, their three children were born - Cindy, Randy and Shelly. Lyall returned to his home province in 1975 and now resides in Brandon. Cindy and Shelly remained in British Columbia. Randy came back to Manitoba and stayed with his aunt and uncle (Marlene and Frank Butterfield) and worked at the Farmers CO-OP Seed Plant in Rivers. On the morning of August 2, 1979 tragedy struck when on his way to work on his bicycle, he was struck down by a car and died shortly after his arrival at Riverdale Hospital.

Marlene on finishing high school at Oak River went to Winnipeg and took a hair dressers course. On completion she procured work at Virden under a licensed hairdresser for one year and then took over the business herself. While at Virden, she met and married Frank Butterfield. They started their married life in Calgary, later moving to British Columbia and coming back to Manitoba in 1971. Tragedy also struck their family when Rodney (their first born) was accidently shot on his fourth birthday. They were blessed with two more children, Bonnie and Douglas. At present Bonnie is taking Grade Xl at Rivers Collegiate and Douglas Grade Vlll in Rivers Elementary School. In February 1981, Marlene was again faced with tragedy in the death of her husband Frank. She now lives two miles east of Rivers and continues hairdressing from her own home.

Jerry will bring you up to date on his history so I will dispense with his.

Dawna, on finishing her high school at Rivers Collegiate went to Edmonton and procured work with Burns-Fry (Stock Brokers). Later she moved to Calgary and continued work with the same firm there, where she still is at the present time.