an insurance business. I have the most loyal customers that any business could ask for. They have made this agency a success.



Ches and Isabelle McTavish bought the store in Cardale in I951. Ches was getting over a back operation but we managed until he was well. We usually had two clerks and ourselves.

Early in I960 Ches took a very bad heart attack and in I965 we sold the store to Al Graham from Berens River. They didn't stay long and closed the store. In I970 we came back and cleaned up the place and opened up again in November, I970.

The Post Office came into the store in I974. In I978 Ches passed away and I have carried on ever since. The Post Office was moved to the Co-op store in 1979 as I was 65.


McTavish Motors originated about 1915 as a small office operated by T. J. McTavish who was also grain buyer for Canadian Elevator Co. The business consisted of hail insurance sales, Overland cars, gasoline, and accessories sales. Later he became local agent for Imperial Oil products.

As time went on the building was enlarged and he became an implement dealer, selling McCormick-Deering implements and Haber Tractors, etc.