5. Charles Matthew born February 17, 1906 at Sidney was the youngest of Matthew and Rachel‘s children. He married Muriel Freeborn **, in March, 1941. They farmed with Charles’ Dad for several years and then moved to the Freeborn farm at Firdale. Charles and Muriel retired to Courtenay, B.C. They had a son Daryl Matthew, born in 1942, who married Evelyn Aileen Peters. Daryl retired from the Canadian Forces and they live at Courtenay. Darryl and Evelyn have three sons Colin Matthew, Curtis Garret and Derek Craig.

Julia Wright was Matthew John Wright’s youngest sister. She married Ernest Walker, a station agent at Sidney. He died at Franklin, MB and Julia came back to Sidney to a house she owned there. Later she lived with her brother Matthew and his wife Margaret for the rest of her life and died in June, 1940.

Margaret Anne Wright another sister of Matthew and Julia Wright was born in Ireland around 1847. In Canada she married Matt Pritchard and later James Porter, a widower with two children, Ada and George. She died in February, 1936 in Sidney.

Oliver James Wright was born in Lavenham, Suffolk, England on January 8, 1861. He emigrated to Canada in 1883 after working as a police constable in England. His brother Fred joined him in 1884. According to his own diary, Oliver was a boat engineer the first summer he arrived - that winter a carpenters helper. He and Fred had a market garden in St. Vital in 1884. In March of 1885 Oliver bought a team of horses and hauled baggage to Saskatchewan for General Middleton and other officers going to fight Louis Riel. He returned home and on June 5, 1885 married Annie Maria Tomalin who had just arrived from England to join him. Annie was born January 30, 1865, the daughter of Eli Tomalin and Sarah Ann Draper.

Oliver was an oslers helper, a fireman and an engineer for the CPR - then bought some land and farmed at St. Andrews for eight years. He took the census there in 1901. That same year he moved to Lavenham, 9—10—10 and in fact named Lavenham after his home in England. Oliver’s mother Augusta Jane (Manning) Wright born April 22, 1834 came to Canada to live with Oliver and Fred after her father, Oliver Manning, died in 1891. Augusta Jane had been widowed since 1868. She died on May 4, 1908 and is buried at the Rosehill cemetery

During the war years, Oliver and Annie adopted two children, Alice and Robert who were six and seven years respectiVely in 1917, according to the Clairmont school records. Bobby died about 1925 and


.i‘. c

The Oliver James Wright Family. Standing: Fred, Ollie, Bert, Nell» Seated: Annie Maria, Ted, Elsie, Oliver James

is buried in the Rosehill cemetery. Alice moved away

about 1930 and the family did not keep in touch with


Annie died May 26, 1922. Oliver James married again but nothing is known of his second wife. He died April 14, 1936. Oliver and Annie are buried at the Rosehill cemetery. They had six children;

1. Oliver (Ollie) Edmund born March 9, 1886 and farmed at Lavenham. Moved to Saskatchewan in 1921. Ollie married Olive Gordon Matheson and they farmed until 1950 when they moved to British Columbia. Ollie then worked in forestry at Prince George and they retired to Victoria. He died April 19, 1962 and Olive on November 20, 1985. Olive and Ollie had seven children, Kathleen May (married Hamilton, then Townsend), Oliver Gordon. Archibald James, Jean Margaret (Fullard), Annie Bernice (Townsend), William Elroy and Jessie Catherine (Richmond).

2. Frederick (Fred) James (1888-1971) purchased a farm at Star City, SK. He married Mary Elizabeth (May) Edgington on July 9, 1913. May died November 19, 1918 and is buried in the Star City cemetery. In 1921 Fred married Janet Agnes (Jessie) Jeffrey. Fred and May had four children, Gordon Frederick, Oliver Henry (Archie), Annie Margaret (married Toews, then French), and Albert Edward. Fred and Jessie had one daughter Elsie May (married Pederson).

Jessie died January 26, 1967 and is buried at

Melfort; Fred is buried at Star City.

3. Albert (Bert) Ernest was the third son of Oliver James and Annie Maria. He was born at Keewatin, Ontario on August 14, 1890. At the age of ten or eleven years he moved with his parents to the homestead at Lavenham. Bert served overseas with the 44th Battalion of the Canadian Army during WW I and was discharged in 1919.

On October 16, 1922 Bert married Nellie

McAskie **. They farmed on the home farm and