The idea of printing a history of the Rural Muncipality of North Norfolk and the Incorporated Village of

MacGregor was conceived at a meeting of the MacGregor and District Archives Inc. in the fall of 1993. Shortly thereafter, forty interested people, most of whom are included in the pictures on the following pages, agreed to undertake the work.

It has been a rewarding job. Thousands of volunteer hours have gone into the task, some stimulating debate

has taken place and compromises have been made. In general, we agreed that:



The book would encompass all of North Norfolk and the Incorporated Village of MacGregor.

Families would be encouraged to supply as much material as possible but the names of the biographers, sometimes two or three per family, would not normally be included. Other source material would be used, if appropriate.

Photographs would play a big part in developing and recording our history. Consequently there are pictures of students at Path Head in 1912, at Orangeville in 1935, Elsmith in 1904, Sidney in 1906, Ellwood in 1937 and MacGregor in 1997. There are pictures of the Sight Hill Football Club in 1893 and their girls’ Baseball Club in 1904. There are hundreds of pictures of young people taking part in various sporting activities over many years.

Not to be outdone, there are pictures of young people involved in choirs, taking part in theatrical productions and adults involved in musical groups from the turn of this century up to the present.

These pictures all speak well of the many people who supported and who continue to support our community as teachers, trustees, coaches, trainers and fund raisers.

Editing would be done with a view to condensing the amount of material we expected to receive. Stories related to the life of the early pioneers, life during war time and the depression of the 1930’s, school and community life in the first half of this century etc. would be somewhat common to all those who lived during those times. Accordingly, we agreed to select material that we felt best reflected the times.

We did in fact receive a lot of excellent family history and other material but space constraints did not permit us to print everything. All material received will be retained in the North Norfolk MacGregor Archives for use by families or future historians.

The identifier ** would be used to cross reference material in the family history section, i.e. Fred Smith married Janet Dyck **. The ** means "see Dyck".

. Year only would be shown rather than day, month and year for births, deaths etc.

All 36 communities would be encouraged to supply material relating to their school and community life in general.

There are over 30,000 names and dates in this book plus a lot of historical information. We apologize for

mistakes. We would like you to report them to us, in writing, in order that they may be recorded in the Archives files.