on the Austin School Board. Letitia was a teacher, serving at various times at Image Creek, Hartford, Sight Hill and Bagot. In 1975 they retired to Carberry. Letitia died in 1984. She and Charlie are buried at Carberry. They had two daughters, Margaret (Christianson) who died in 1983 and Ruth.

2. Margaret Agnes, Charlie’s sister. married Edwin J. Randall **.

3. Robert John (1883-1964) a brother of Charles and Margaret was born in Drayton, 0N and came west with his parents in 1884. They homesteaded in the Sight Hill district where Robert was educated. In 1910 he married Mary Ann Mae Collier ** (1885- 1986). They farmed at Great Carlton for six years

Ruth Wallace c 1944 (Daughter of Charlie and Letty Wallace)

The home of Robert and May Wallace. L to R: R. J. Wallace. Ted Collier. May Wallace, Evelyn Zachery. Mrs. John Collier. "Bounce" the dog. c 1925