Nelson. Brian is a building supervisor for Manitoba Housing.

Barry Albert married Teresa Ellen Anderson on July 23, 1994. They live at Bagot and work in Portage. They have a daughter, Mackenzie Danielle.

Brent Lorne farms with his father. Brent married Tracey Johnson on June 8, 1996. They live at Bagot. Tracey has a daughter Kara, by a previous marriage.

Dorothy Mae born May 16, 1938 and attended school in Portage and at Elsmith. On January 13, 1962 Dorothy married Francis Patrick McKee. They lived in Hamilton and had two daughters, Roxanne Frances and Darcie Diane. Dorothy and Francis were divorced. Dorothy and the girls returned to Portage. On June 24, 1972 she married James Ostapowich. They were later divorced. Dorothy is employed by the Manitoba Housing Authority.

4. Sarah Ann Ellen (Nell) was born November 14, 1891 in Parkdale, MB and moved with her family to Lavenham. Her wedding to William Lester Mason took place at her home "Aspen Grove Farm" at Lavenham on March 30, 1915. They farmed and were involved in community life at Oakland, MB. Lester was always interested in his church and served as Sunday School Superintendent as well as on the board of his church. He and Nell had six children, Annie Mary (Cuthbert), born May 9, 1916, Robert who died young in 1917, William Oliver born December 2, 1918, Clifford Lester born July 7, 1921, Elsie Vern (Wedgewood) born December 21, 1923 and Leonard Allen born September 8, 1926. Nell died in 1972 and Lester in 1974. They are both buried in the Hillside cemetery at Portage.

5. Edward (Ted) Eliwas born December 6, 1896 at St. Andrews, MB and moved with his family to Lavenham. He was on a train going west to visit his brother Fred when he met Annie Lawrence Dunning. Annie had been born in Quebec, trained as a nurse at the Misericordia Hospital in Winnipeg and was returning to work at Tisdale, SK. Ted and Annie were married May 10, 1921. They lived in British Columbia for a time and then operated Wright Insurance Agencies from 1935 to 1965 in Prince Albert, SK. Ted and Annie had five children, Reginald Dunning, Edward Frederick who died as a baby in 1925, Clifford Milton, Loa Vivian (Newman) and Doris Edwina (Vols). Ted died in 1978 and Annie in 1988. They are buried in Prince Albert Memorial Gardens.

6. Annie Elsie Wright married Victor Ewart Rands **

William Frederick (Fred) Wright was a brother to Oliver James and a son of James and


Augusta Jane Wright. He was born in Lavenham Suffolk, England on November 29, 1864. Fred was deaf from childhood due to an illness (possibly scarlet fever). He emigrated to Canada in 1884 after his brother Oliver James. He and Oliver had a market garden in St. Vital in 1884. Fred tried farming in the Lavenham area on 4-10-10 but failing eyesight in combination with his deafness did not allow many kinds of work. There is a story that Fred’s eyesight improved considerably after he was hit by a street car in Winnipeg. He entered the broom factory of the C.N.I.B. in 1919 and worked there for many years. [n the 1930’s and 1940’s he lived some with Bert and Nellie Wright in Lavenham and Bagot - his favorite summer pastime was floating on his back on the reservoir ~ reading a book.

Fred played the violin - as did his mother - and it was on this violin that his nephew Harold learned to play. He was an accomplished pianist and at the age of ninety could still play Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata. Though totally deaf and blind he could not hear the music but he could feel the vibrations.

Fred did not marry. He spent his later years in Winnipeg and died on March 9, 1957 at the age of ninety-three years. He is buried in the Chapel Lawn Memorial Gardens in Winnipeg.

Norman E. Wright (1906-1957) was born at Dunrea, MB and in 1928 married Margaret Verna Brerton. Norman taught school at MacGregor on two occasions, first during the period 1935-1936 and again as Principal from 1952 to 1956. He served in the R.C.A.F. during WW II and is buried at the Brookside cemetery in Winnipeg.

Grace (Loose) Wright (1891-1994) was born at Ipswich, England and in 1903 on the death of her parents, emigrated to Canada to be with her sister Edith (William Blake) in MacGregor. Grace attended school in MacGregor from 1904 to 1906 and in 1907 went to work as a househeeper for Duncan A. Shaw. Mr.Shaw’s wife died in 1909 leaving four children, the youngest being about eleven years old. Grace herself was not much older. She worked for Shaws for a couple of years and in 1911 moved to Winnipeg where she worked at various jobs until she married Walter 1. Wright, a CPR engineer, in 1914. Walter died in 1934. Grace continued to work for the railway until 1960 and lived an active life in Winnipeg for another thirty years. She visited MacGregor quite frequently during those years.

Thomas A. Wright and his wife Annie came from around T hornbury, Ontario and lived their married life in the Bagot district. Tom died in 1936 and Annie in 1950. They are buried in the Hillside, cemetery in Portage. They had six children;