Their first Winnipeg gig came about when their brother George told the Central Hotel owners about the Twins. The Twins became very popular in Transcona and also began performing in many of the bars in Winnipeg. They still continue to perform at the bars, and events such as the Hi Neighbour Festival, as well as many benefit functions. Their band members are Brian Sellars, Vance Masters, Howie Hamaburg, Kevin McKivor, and Greg Pestor, owner of the Historic Royal George Hotel.


The Walsh Twins were “Army Brats”. Their father was in the military and was stationed all over the world. The love of singing came naturally to the Twins, as their father had a wonderful singing voice. They would sing alongside him at parties held in their home. In the late 1960’s Germany was home, and the Twins, along with their mother, saw many Elvis movies.

Even though the Walsh Twins travelled in their youth, they consider Transcona “home”; the place where they planted their roots. They think of Transcona, like “Cheers”, except a small city; a place where everyone

In 1972, they moved from Toronto to Transcona. At the age of seventeen, they met their Manager, Terry Morris and began the touring circuit, in some of the best night clubs in Canada. Tim toured with the “Elvis, Elvis, Elvis” Show in the Orient in the early 1990’s. They put together a night club show that high-lighted Elvis’s music through the 50’s, 60’s and 1 70’s. Their greatest supporter, their mother, made over thirty Elvis costumes, sixty collectively for the "RA/ins. Elvis was born a twin and the Walsh ”RA/ins were the only ”Min Elvis impersonators at that time.

Courtesy of the Walsh Tivz'ns

Walsh Twins, the early years

Transcona 10th Anniversary page 200

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The Walsh TWins, The Elvis Days ourz‘esy of the Walsh” Twins

knows you and a place where everyone takes care of each other. When the Walsh Twins travelled, they always said they were from Transcona, Manitoba. Transcona will always have a special place in the Walsh Twins hearts and they are so proud to call Transcona home.