Wayne started his music career in 1954 by playing at local school dances and teen hops. By 1963, Wayne had formed his own band and started to perform at local hotels.


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Courtesy of Greg Pester, Royal George Hotel

At that time, it was a novelty for bands to do live performances at hotels, clubs, and community clubs, but Wayne and his band paved the way for such a venue.

Wayne loved to play music, and the 1950’s and 1960’s was the musical era that he loved. As the years passed, Wayne was known as one of “Winnipeg’s Oldest Teenagers”. His career led him to share stages with musicians such as Chuck Berry and Roy Orbison. He always

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Wayne Walker with his band in 196

gave his all in every performance and his very talented band rounded out the “Rock and Roll” experience.

On September 10 and 11, 2004, Wayne celebrated his fiftieth year in the entertain— ment business at the Royal George Hotel.

His friends, Pat Riordin, Bob Burns and the Walsh Twins, just to name a few, came to celebrate with Wayne. The air was electrifying with anticipation. The music brought us back

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Courtesy of Greg Pester

to a time of long ago. The rock’ and roll era was once again alive, with the twanging of the electric guitars. Many favourite songs were played that night and it reminded those in attendance of their youth, and brought back many fond memories of times gone by.

Wayne left this world too early. On October 19, 2008, Wayne passed away at home. He was sixty six years of age. “Mr. Rock and Roll” and his lively spirit will be missed.