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Grand Trunk Pacific chooses Transcona as the location for the Shops.

Hanley, Quinlan and Robertson begin work on the excavation for the Shops.

First steel pillar raised in new Shops building.

Board of Trade is organized.

Town of Transcona receives their charter.

CNR Shops opened, and Central School opens with an enrolment of 308 pupils.

Sewage system is installed.

CN Shops engaged in the manufacture of munitions from 1915-1918.

Shoal Lake water connection for the Town.

Tony’s Cafe at the corner of Regent and Oxford (Day St.)

is opened.

Town‘s building permits reach a total of $151,000. Transcona Shops Pipe Band is formed.

First locomotive built at CNR Shops.

The Dominion Malting Company’s plant was constructed in the fall of 1927.

New Post Office is built.

Transcona Historical Society is formed.

Highway opened between Transcona and Winnipeg at a cost of $135,000.

Transcona forms girls softball team called the “Palmas” later known as the “Jays”.

Transcona’s Silver Jubilee celebrations held June 22-27. Coronation of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth.

Federal members tour CNR Shops.

King George VI and Queen Elizabeth visit Transcona. Transcona purchases ambulance for overseas service.

Mayor Olive leaves for Saul, Quebec to attend the launching of the H.M.C.S. Transcona.

New Municipal offices open in the former Toronto Dominion building at Bond and Regent.

A committee comprised of Transcona citizens is formed to consider a recreational centre.

Winnipeg and District declared an emergency shelter area. Springfield United church celebrates their 66th anniversary. Charter presented to Transcona Board of Trade by the Lieutenant Governor.

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Council endorses a plan to re-number Town houses.

Parks board inaugurated.

St. Michael’s Hall officially opened.

Board of Trade presented their request to legislature that the new Trans-Canada highway be built directly east from Winnipeg through South Transcona.

Transcona to vote on school referendum.

New Transcona United Church and Westview School were officially opened.

Industrial Board set up for Transcona.

New school in South Transcona officially opened.

Imperial Bank of Canada officially opened.

Assomption and Radisson school, officially opened, along with the Royal Bank of Canada.

Transcona Public Library officially opened.

Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd dedicated April 12. Regent Park School officially opens and The Transcona News moves to Victoria Ave.

Transcona applies for a city charter.

The new four lane Regent Ave. was officially opened October 22. Metro transit comes to Transcona with service with Regent and Kildare as main arteries.

The Transcona Curling Club was officially opened.

Transcona’s first Hi Neighbour Festival held.

The worst storm in history hits Transcona; police and doctors use snowmobiles to make calls.

Councillor Paul Martin brings forward the idea of creating a Museum for Transcona.

Nairn Ave. Overpass is officially opened on October 31“.

South Transcona Community Club opens and South Transcona School faces closure.

Fire guts the vacant Apollo Theatre and the city orders demolition of the building.

A plan for centralized government for Winnipeg is announced by Premier Ed Schreyer.

Transcona becomes part of Unicity, official date of transition January 1, 1972.

A major staff reorganization within the Transcona Springfield School Division causes an uprising.

Columbus Villa is officially opened.

Transcona’s fire department merges with the City of Winnipeg fire department.

Bernie Wolfe School officially opens. Senior Centre moves to Kinsmen Building on Regent.

New provincial electoral boundaries split Transcona into two ridings, Transcona and Radisson.

Final approval is granted for the construction of the Kildonan Place Shopping Centre.

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The final issue of the Transcona News is published on Jan. 15, 1980. Transcona Springfield School Division begins a review of its boundaries.

Watermain renewal program begins on Kernaghan St.

South Transcona continues to experience flooding.

Former Mayor and MLA Russ Paulley passes away May 19. Queen’s Court Hotel is demolished and Buhler Industries opens. New Transcona Fire Hall is officially opened. Nairn Ave. Overpass is officially opened.

Regent Park Elementary School is converted to a French Immersion Middle School.

.5 Joseph Teres School officially opens.

A revitalization project worth over $2 million dollars is announced. Construction begins on the new French Immersion School. Summer revitalization of Regent Ave. announced at a cost of $150,000.

Transcona Post Office closes

“Transcona Is” Festival takes place.

Central School closes. Fire guts the Legion Hall at

117 Regent Ave. E.

Transcona Legion rebuilds after a devastating fire and officially re—opens.

Downtown Transcona Merchants Association becomes Transcona Business Improvement Zone.

South Transcona Retention Lake begins construction.

The Retention Lake was named “High Performance Water Ski Park”.

Hi Neighbour Festival returns.

Victoria Jason passes away after a battle with cancer.

Transconian Bernie Wolfe named a member of the Order of Canada.

River East Transcona School Division is the name of the newly created school division.

Transcona Masons end their 90 year history and merge with the Kildonan Masons.

EWSA (East ng. Sports Association) begins raising money for a proposed recreation park.

The Greatest Transconian contest begins, with Paul Martin taking the title.

The T ranscona Legion Hall is renamed after the Moroz brothers, who died in World War II.

Crocus Park is officially renamed Victoria Jason Park.

Buhler Recreation Park officially opens.

Kiwanis Park taken over by the Winnipeg Transcona Rotary Club. Revitalization of Downtown Transcona begins.

Revitalization of Downtown Transcona continues, with an Arch built on Regent at Bond St.

Transcona’s 100th Anniversary, Centennial Celebrations take place.

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