From 1911 until 1959, the Notre Dame L’Assomption Parish was the only Roman Catholic Parish in Transcona, celebrating masses in French, English and Italian. In January of 1960, with the population increasing in Transcona, the Notre Dame L’Assomption Parish established two parishes, Blessed Sacrament and St. Joseph the Worker.

From 1961 until 1968, the Missionary Oblates Sisters established a parish school for students from Grades 1-8 but the school closed due

to funding difficulties. The building became the Parish Center. In 1969, the Anglican Parish of St. George was welcomed and shared the church building and the Parish Center until 2000. In 1974, thanks in part to the generosity of the Oblate Sisters the opening of Manitoba’s first L’Arche Home was made possible by the donation of their convent.

In 2012, Blessed Sacrament will be celebrating fifty two years as a parish. “We thank God for blessing us with perseverance in faithfulness, and

for our continued striving for holiness amidst the complexities of life”, says Father Edouard.


The Anglicans held their first service on September 11, 1911, and at a subsequent meeting, the decision was made to build a church. The first service was held at the newly constructed church at 6 Crescent (Kern) Drive on Christmas Eve, 1911. Over the years improvements were made, and on February 11, 1928, the mortgage was retired.

In 1961, with over four hundred and twenty five families on the rolls, a new church was needed. Land was purchased but unfortunately, due to rising construction costs, the church members were unable to afford to build. Subsequently, St. George’s moved into Blessed Sacrament, which became thirty—one years of sharing facilities. In 2000, the parish purchased the present church on Pandora.

God’s mercy and grace have followed the church on their 100 year journey. People, who were the pioneers of the church, are remembered and admired for their perseverance. Under the leadership of Rev. Helen Manfield, the church continues to serve the community of Transcona and the wider world.

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