'G'rry Digby Fam y L-R) Tyler, Trevor, Aaron, Elunor

and Gany.

The boys attended Roblin Elementary School. Tyler and Aaron are presently enrolled in Goose Lake High from which Trevor graduated in June, 1995.

The boys are active in 4-H and a wide range of sports. They have made their parents proud by being recipients of a large number of both academic and athletic awards throughout their school years.

Maurice and Olive .2;ng

To begin the Di gby story it is appropriate to first take a brief look at where the family came from and how they ended up settling in the Castleavery District. The Digby family that moved to Canada has been traced back to the Milton, Northamptonshire area of England where Di gby ancestors lived in the late 17th century. While some of the Digbys still live in Milton, a branch of the family moved to the Leicester area. It was from Leicester that Sam Digby came to Canada in 1902 and settled in the Springside district of Saskatchewan. In 1903 Sam was followed by his wife Annie and their young son Ernie. Their second son Maurice was born in 1910.

Sam Di gby had moved to Canada because of ill health. He farmed in the Springside area until 1914 at which time he died. Annie Digby and her son Ernie continued to farm until 1921 when Ernie passed away. With the help of a hired hand Annie Digby was able to farm until her young son Maurice took over.

In 1938 Maurice Digby married Olive Sharp. Olive was the eldest child of Robert and Elizabeth Sharp. Maurice and Olive were soon blessed with three sons; Robert, Garry and Wayne. Maurice and Olive, in addition to the farm, were


active in the community. Mamice served as secretary of the Crossroads School District, President of the Springside Telephone System and President of the Springside Liberal Association, among other activities.

Maurice and Olive remained in the Springside area until 1947. In the fall of 1947 Maurice, Olive and family along with Maurice’ s mother Annie moved to the Castleavery District. They settled on the Harry Rowan farm (SE 22-24- 29) on the west side of the Assiniboine Valley.

The Di gby family quickly settled into the Castleavery District. They were continually amazed at the hospitality of their many new friends.

In 1949 Olive’ 3 brother Alfred Sharp moved to the Dropmore District to farm on the Bimie place. Later that year Alfred drowned while swimming with friends in the Assiniboine River near Shellmouth.

Grandma Di gby passed away in March of 1950. A year later, in March of 1951, Maurice and Olive completed their family with the birth of a daughter, Faye.

The Digby family maintained an active schedule. In addition to the many community, church, school and sporting activities they were involved in the 4-H movement. Maurice helped in starting the Assiniboine 4-H Club and served as a leader for 15 years. All the children were involved in 4-H activities and benefited from this involvement. Throughout the years the family maintained a keen interest in the beef cattle business raising and exhibiting purebred shorthom cattle.

Maurice and Olive continued to farm until their son Garry took over the farm. From 1977 to 1984 Maurice was a councillor for the R. M. of Shellmouth. Olive was involved in the Castleavery Ladies Club and a member of the Dropmore Ladies Church Group. They retired to

. Roblin and lived there until Olive passed away on

June 22, 1989. Maurice continued to live in their home until he passed away March 7, 1991.

"Robert and Elaine Digby H

Robert Di gby, the eldest son of Maurice and Olive Digby of Springside SK was born Jan. 1939 in Yorkton, SK. He attended the Crossroads School near Springside until their family moved to the Castleavery District in 1947. He then attended the public school at Castleavery and went to MacNutt for high school. He also took a one year Agriculture Diploma Course in Brandon. Following his Ag course he returned to the farm and worked with his dad. He also spent a number of years trucking cattle to Winnipeg with Jack Ferris’