Timothy is in high school.

NaOmi is going to school.

While in Strathclair, Mrs. McLeod (Bill's mother) made her home here with them for a time, and at present is once again with Bill and Barbara, in Saskatoon.

THOMAS McLEOD —Contributed by Melvin McLeod

My father, Thomas McLeod, was born in Bruce County, Ontario, in 1861 When he was fourteen years old, he came west to Manitoba, and found work in the Shoal Lake district. In 1882, when he became 21 years of age, he took a homestead southeast of Shoal Lake on section 2-17-23.

My mother, who was Florence Ada Blowes, was born in Huntington Shire, England, in 1880. When she was ten years of age, she came with her par- ents and one brother and sister to Canada. They settled in the Shoal Lake dis- trict also. On January 14, 1896, which was my mother's birthday, she and my father were married at Hamiota, and took up farming seven miles south of Shoal Lake on section 4-16-23. My parents farmed there for nearly forty years and raised a family of six boys and five girls.

Left to right: Wilbert Nonie Arc/lie. Sadie. Johnnie, Maggie, Mr. McLeod. Mrs. McLeod. Allie. Eva, Melvin, Gladys, and Clz'ffbr.

In 1933 they retired from farming and sold out by auction. Horses sold for $50 to $60 apiece, cows $10 to $12 apiece, and calves $3 to $4. The family by this time was grown up and had found work, mostly on farms in the surrounding area.

In the spring of 1935, we moved to the Strathclair district, and lived on section 29—16-22, the farm now owned by Johnnie McDonald. It was while we were living here that my father passed away, in October, 1937, at the age of 76 years. We lived at this place until 1940, and then moved to the Sanford Cummins farm, where we lived until 1946.

It was at this time that I bought the Jimmy McPherson farm, section 20-16-22, which I own and operate at the present time. It was here that my mother passed away, in February, 1958. Out Of a family of eleven, only five remain—Maggie at Shoal Lake, Sadie and myself in Strathclair, Gladys at Hamiota, and Wilbert at Minnedosa.